Ep 40 – Lady Folly is a Fraud – Pt 2 (Prov. 9.17)

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Ep 40 - Lady Folly is a Fraud - Pt 2 (Prov. 9.17)

The voice of Lady Folly tempts people to see sweet and pleasant things in what is mischievous and rebellious. Her allure is in the excitement and thrill of getting away with what we want. But she doesn’t tell you that her rewards are superficial and temporary, and they often come with drastic consequences. She calls out to people, inviting them to join her in secret pleasures, but little do they know that, in the end, it will always leave a bitter taste in their mouths.

Illustration: Jordan Belfort, stockbroker busted for investment fraud, nicknamed “The Wolf of Wall Street”

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