Ep 31 – Arrogance is for the Fool (Prov. 14.16)

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Ep 31 - Arrogance is for the Fool (Prov. 14.16)

The wise person fears Yahweh and does not over-estimate themselves but is sensible and even-tempered, unlike the fool that is cocky and self-reliant, recklessly endangering themselves because they fail to see the need for any concern or restraint. The fool laughs in the face of evil thinking that it can’t touch them. The pretensions of their own superiority have blinded them so that they cannot recognize evil for what it is. They trust wholly in themselves, feeling secure in their knowledge and understanding and thinking they don’t need to listen to anybody else.

Illustration: Major General John Sedgwick and the battle at Spotsylvania Courthouse

Verses: Prov. 14:16; 13:13; 3:7

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