What is going on in Heaven?

Spirit & Truth Podcast
What is going on in Heaven?

Teacher: John Schoenheit

If you are like most people, you have pictured heaven as a peaceful and restful place. Certainly it must be a wonderful place, but it is probably not like we imagine it to be. Do you think it is a tranquil place where angels strum on harps all day and God rules from His throne surrounded by His messengers? In this teaching John Schoenheit opens the Word of God and examines the scriptures which say that the “whole creation,” not just earth, is groaning in pain. John also teaches on verses which say that the Devil is often in the presence of God, accusing the brothers day and night.

John shows that Satan still has access to heaven, and that Scripture reveals that heaven is at times like a courtroom, where the Devil is making fiery accusations before God, while Jesus Christ is making passionate intercession for the believers. We believe this teaching will add a greater dimension to your understanding of the nature of the spiritual battle, and magnify your appreciation for what Jesus Christ is doing for us now.

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