Spirit & Truth Podcast

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

Somewhere deep in every heart there’s a desire to be connected to others, to be known and accepted; a desire to be united to family and friends. This is the glue that drives people to form communities, to stick together in a tribe, clan, or even an outlaw gang. As Christians, we often feel the deep tug on our hearts for unity; but lacking a genuine understanding of it can cause lots of problems. In this live teaching from our 2016 National Conference, Dan Gallagher explores the subject of unity from the three perspectives presented in Scripture: Unity of the Spirit, Unity of the Faith, and Unity of Fellowship, showing how we can achieve godly union with others, honor our personal integrity concerning our beliefs, and enjoy the greatness of the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. This is how we live worthy of the calling we have received, in the true unity that’s available to us today.

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