Understanding the Last Supper

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Understanding the Last Supper

Teacher: John Schoenheit

The Last Supper was a pivotal event for believers. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changed lots of things, including that God would begin to engage mankind through the agency of His Son. In this teaching on the Last Supper, John Schoenheit analyzes many of the important points that Jesus made in his thorough teaching at the Last Supper. He points out that Jesus said we could ask him for things that he would send the “Helper,” that he would be with us and reveal himself to us and not leave us as orphans, that our status in his eyes changed from servants to friends, and much more. If we are going to have a good understanding of our relationship with Jesus Christ, we need to understand the Last Supper when Jesus described what his relationship with believers would be after his resurrection.

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