The Interpretation of Tongues

Spirit & Truth Podcast
The Interpretation of Tongues

Teacher: John Schoenheit

This teaching shows that each person who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord receives from Him the gift of holy spirit, the very nature of God. Like a Swiss Army knife with a number of possible functions, the gift of holy spirit has nine manifestations, or ways it can be utilized. One of these manifestations is speaking in tongues, and another is the interpretation of tongues. Never does God’s Word call either of these “gifts,” but rather “manifestations” of the one gift of holy spirit. The teaching explains why speaking in tongues is praise, worship and thanksgiving directed to God, and that thus the interpretation of tongues must, of course, be the same thing. The teaching concludes by showing you how developing a “praise vocabulary” makes you more adept at excelling in edifying the Body of Christ by speaking in tongues and interpreting in a Christian fellowship.

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