Spirit & Truth Podcast
The Exchanged Life

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

Most Christians gladly accept that Christ died for their sins, and through him they can now have everlasting life. At the time of the new birth a person’s sins are charged to Christ, and in return Christ’s righteousness is credited to the believer. This is what we commonly refer to as the Great Exchange. One of the most important aspects of the Great Exchange is that the believer is now supposed to live the Exchanged Life. In this teaching Dan Gallagher demonstrates how the Exchanged Life is really the power base of Christian living, because when we live the Exchanged Life we allow Christ to live through us. The essence of the Exchanged life is summed up this way, “His life for mine, now my life for his.” We believe this teaching will inspire and encourage you greatly in your journey to be more like Christ.

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