The Day of Pentecost

Spirit & Truth Podcast
The Day of Pentecost

Teacher: John Schoenheit

On the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, God started the Christian Church. Peter taught about who Jesus Christ was and what had happened to him, and everyone who believed God had raised Jesus from the dead and made him Lord was born again and added to the brand new Christian Church. On Pentecost, the gift of holy spirit was poured out from heaven in a brand new way, and everyone who believed received the holy spirit and the power that came with it.

In this teaching, John Schoenheit examines the Day of Pentecost from different angles, both historical and practical, including the names of Pentecost in the Old Testament, the offerings and what they signified, and presents clear evidence that on the Day of Pentecost the Apostles were not in an upper room, but in the Temple itself. In conclusion, this teaching covers the significance of Pentecost in the life of believers today, especially in light of the manifestations of the gift of holy spirit.

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