Spirit & Truth Podcast
The Book of Esther

Teacher: John Schoenheit

The book of Esther is a historical account of the events that led up to the establishment of the Jewish feast of Purim, which occurs in the month of Adar. In this teaching on Esther, John Schoenheit explains the value of expository teaching versus topical teaching, and demonstrates how we can, and must, learn to notice the valuable lessons that God placed in the text as we read the Bible.

Esther is packed with powerful practical lessons and wisdom for life. We can see the spiritual battle between good and evil raging in a real life drama; the value of being wise and making wise choices to be successful in life; the requirements of sacrifice and boldness to accomplish God’s purposes; and the value of being able to graciously handle the things that come up in our lives, being thankful to God and looking for a way to let our light shine on this earth. Those lessons, and many more, are buried in the pages of Esther, and come to light as we read it.

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