The Bible: Told Through Story

Spirit & Truth Podcast
The Bible: Told Through Story

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

Stories are central to the way we connect with each other and the world around us, so much so that we often fail to realize that we all live inside the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and others’. In this teaching, Dan Gallagher illustrates how our minds are specifically designed for stories and the powerful force they play in our daily lives, and he reminds us that, as Rabbi Bernhardt Ott states, “The Bible is not a theology textbook full of definitions of God and the world, but rather a fascinating narrative, a not-yet finished story of God’s ongoing dealings with people throughout history. And we are all invited to be a part of this story.” We believe this teaching will help you to connect in a new way with the story that God is telling, and will also help you to reach others and connect them to His story.

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