Stir Up the Gift

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Stir Up the Gift

Teacher: Jeff Tyler

God’s plan of redemption and salvation means that when we are saved, we become part of God’s family. In that, everyone has a gift ministry, a service to perform—something God has equipped and enabled them to do. God encourages us to grow up and serve Him by using our gifts and talents to build up the body of Christ.

In this teaching titled “Stir Up the Gift,” Jeff Tyler approaches the subject of our gift ministries in four parts: A background on stirring up the gift; what it means to stir up the gift; looking at keys to recognizing our individual gifts, callings, and service; and ways our gifts can be used and fitted together to glorify God and build up the Body of Christ. We pray this teaching will be a tremendous blessing to you, and that it will help you to gain a clearer and more profound understanding of your gift ministry, the gifts of those around you, and how we all fit and work together to the praise of God’s glory.

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