Problem or Possibility?

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Problem or Possibility?

Teacher: John Schoenheit

Many people are realizing that the world is becoming a darker and darker place. There are growing problems in the economies of many countries, an increase in disease and natural disasters, and perhaps most problematic, an increase of wickedness on the earth. If one is not careful, the joy and gladness that Christians should feel as a natural result of their walk with the Lord and their everlasting Hope can be replaced by a gloomy outlook, anger, and even feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. In this teaching, John Schoenheit reminds us that we can see either problems or possibilities around us. By keeping in mind that God foretold the kind of dark world we would experience in the latter times, we can focus on the opportunities we have all around us to help others. A darker world means more chances to be a light in someone’s life.

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