Spirit & Truth Podcast
Perfecting the Saints

Teacher: Dave Hanson

One of Jesus’ last commands before his ascension was to “go make disciples of all nations.” Clearly God’s and Jesus’ vision is for each Christian to become a strong, mature believer. Dave Hanson explores the goal in Ephesians 4:13, that we be unified and “become mature.” This maturity is exemplified by love, meaning that all Christians should strive to love to the point of reaching out and helping others. Dave shows the context of Ephesians 4:13 with the equipping ministries of Verse 11 working to “prepare” or “perfect” the saints to help all of us get involved as the subsequent verses indicate.

This teaching explores the Greek word, katartizo, meaning “to supply exactly what someone needs,” and shows that each believer has the awesome privilege and responsibility to reach out and love other believers to “perfect” them so that we are all unified and become mature in Christ.

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