Spirit & Truth Podcast
Mature in Christ

Teacher: John Schoenheit

In this teaching, taught live at the 2015 STF-USA National Conference, John Schoenheit talks about what being a mature Christian is and is not. For example: Although many people think that mature Christians have good physical health, that is not an indicator of Christian maturity. Similarly, many mature Christians are not financially or materially prosperous. It should be the goal of every Christian to grow become mature in Christ. But if we have the wrong idea about what that means, we can set goals for ourselves that are unattainable and that leave us feeling demoralized and defeated. The Devil works hard to defeat us in the material realm, and that often means believers have problems in this world. Mature believers seek to do God’s will before fulfilling their own desires and are centered on the welfare of others. We believe this teaching will help to guide you as you endeavor to grow in Christ.

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