Spirit & Truth Podcast
Knowledge and Obedience

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

This month we are blessed to provide you with a two part teaching on obedience presented by John Schoenheit and Dan Gallagher. Knowing the truth is important, but God wants us to couple our knowledge with obedience. In Part One, The Obedience Model of Pleasing God, John Schoenheit demonstrates how it is more important to know a little and obey what we know, than it is to know a lot and obey only a little. Jesus consistently spoke of “pleasing God,” not in terms of knowing Him, but of obeying Him.

In Part Two, Doers—Not Hearers Only, Dan Gallagher makes the point that God desires an obedience-based relationship with mankind. He also shows through personal example and various sections from the Word of God that obeying, or doing, is more important than “knowing.”

We believe this teaching will inspire you in your discipleship journey to do what Jesus said to do.

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