Jesus – The Red Thread

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Jesus - The Red Thread

Teacher: Janet Speakes

Throughout Scripture, we’re presented with many accounts of people who walked bravely down the path of God’s will that was laid out before them. But sometimes we can become so familiar with these stories that we lose sight of the fact that each one was pointing toward a bigger picture—the red thread of Jesus Christ! In this live teaching from the 2017 New England Women’s Conference, Janet Speakes explores several records in Scripture, taking a deeper look at the source of bravery for each person in them, and how these accounts paralleled and pointed toward the reality of the coming Savior—showing the plan for mankind’s redemption, woven throughout history. 

Jesus Christ is the red thread of the Bible, the One whose coming was so beautifully illustrated in the life-journeys of those who courageously obeyed the leading of God. We believe that this teaching will bless and enrich your understanding of the Word, as well as help you to see more clearly how our strength and bravery comes from the Lord.

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