God’s Unique Day

Spirit & Truth Podcast
God's Unique Day

Teacher: John Schoenheit

Zechariah 14:6-7 speak of a “unique” day known only to Yahweh. Our God has quite a challenge to take on: restore our fallen world, with its many flaws, to the state of “Paradise” as it was in the Garden of Eden. But God is up to the challenge and it will only take Him one “unique” day to do it.

In this three-part teaching, John Schoenheit explores that day: first the reasons why this sort of material is often scattered throughout many books of the Bible; then a brief overview of the End Times and when the “unique day” will happen; and lastly, what at least part of the unique day will involve.

God has shown us a lot about the future He has in store through His Word, but it is not in one place or even in chronological order, which can make it very difficult to grasp. Nevertheless, with prayer and patient scholarship, the pieces do come together to a large extent. We pray this teaching will help bring some of those pieces together in a fulfilling way such that you can envision how life will play out in the future and learn more about the wonderful earth we will live on one day.

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