Spirit & Truth Podcast
God’s Divine Council

Teacher: John Schoenheit

A great biblical truth, but one not well-known by the Church, is that God has an inner divine council of spirit beings with whom He works to administer the universe. There is good biblical evidence for this, and it also makes perfect sense when we think of the way God works with His creation: when God created mankind, He gave them dominion over the animals; when our numbers increased, He asked us to appoint rulers and judges who would administer a godly society; and when He raised Jesus from the dead, He gave him all authority and made him ruler of His creation, just to give a few examples. Similarly, before mankind existed, God had a council of ruling spirits to help Him administer His creation. In this teaching, John Schoenheit goes over many of the verses of Scripture that reveal this divine council, and shows that they have been active in the past in helping God, and will continue in that role in the future as well.

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