Spirit & Truth Podcast
Family Unity

Teachers: The Theisen Family 

We are so blessed and excited to share this LIVE teaching from the 2018 STF National Event!

In this three-part teaching on Ephesians 5:21-6:4, the Theisen Family explores the topic of unity and our Christian walk as it pertains to the family. In the first segment, Gary & Karen Theisen bring their insight on the interplay of care, respect, and submission between husbands and wives, what that looks like in a healthy relationship, and why these demonstrations of love are so important to God. In the second segment, Grace Theisen addresses the parent/child relationship, how our earthly parental relationships reflect our relationship with God as His children, and why an intimate bond with our Creator is essential to our wellbeing. In the final segment, Caitlyn Theisen explores the master/servant relationship, the necessity for love and care, honor and respect, and how God cares for us as we serve Him.

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