Faith Lessons from Everyday Life

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Faith Lessons from Everyday Life

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

Most Christians understand that God is their spiritual Father, but what many don’t realize is that God wants to be a very intimate part of our lives just like a good father that loves his children, providing instruction and lessons on a daily basis. One of the ways God does this is through Faith Lessons From Everyday Life.

In the Book of Hebrews we are told that, like a father, God “disciplines” his children. In the Western world we often think of discipline as corporal punishment, but in the Greek and Hebrew mindset, discipline was about teaching and instruction. In this teaching, Dan Gallagher shows how, when we are seeking His instruction, God will guide and train us at all times, through both the good times and periods of hardship, provided we are focused on the Creator and not the creation. We believe you will enjoy and be inspired by the many personal examples cited in this teaching.

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