Experiencing Ephesians in Love

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Experiencing Ephesians in Love

Teacher: Jeff Tyler

The following is a Live teaching recorded from our Thursday night virtual fellowship. If you’re interested in learning more about this weekly online fellowship, please email us at [email protected]

Love is one of the prevailing themes of Scripture, and in few places is this more apparent than in the Book of Ephesians. When we dive deep into the story of God’s purpose for the ages, and the call for mankind to walk worthy of their part in it, the love of God becomes undeniably clear!

In this teaching on “Experiencing Ephesians in Love,” Jeff Tyler explores the themes of love woven throughout the Book of Ephesians. Taking a deeper look into many passages surrounding the story of God’s purpose through the ages, this teaching unfurls a powerful love story between God and mankind through paths of redemption, promise, calling, restoration, commission, and other incredible themes. We hope this teaching will help you to fathom and experience the love of God in new and profound ways that will ultimately strengthen your walk with Him!

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