Spirit & Truth Podcast
Crisis in Colossae

Teacher: Dennis Hickman

The Book of Philemon is a section of Scripture that is sometimes not read in great depth; but there are some amazing insights into relationship and personal dealings among believers that can be gleaned from this wonderful book! In this teaching titled “Crisis in Colossae,” Dennis Hickman examines the situation in Colossae at the time of Paul’s letter, which threatened to become a crisis within the Body of Christ. Looking deeper into the Letter to Philemon, this teaching explores how the blend of grace and truth as demonstrated in this record can translate into our lives—encouraging us walk in love, even through difficult situations.

No matter what has happened in our lives, we can stand in truth and receive the Word with meekness, helping our brothers and sisters in Christ to heal and move forward; this way, we can all fight for unity and for one another. We hope that this teaching will encourage you to do all of that, and more.

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