Convicted, but not Condemned

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Convicted, but not Condemned

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

“How to respond to sin in a godly manner”

Everyone’s life is filled with lots of choices to make. Unfortunately, we often make the wrong choice, which can range from a simple misstep to serious sin. No matter what type of error we make, God has laid out a path that leads us from those times of darkness back to His light. In this teaching, Dan Gallagher explores the roles of reproof, remorse (godly sorrow or worldly sorrow), and repentance, and teaches about their relationship to living in the redemptive reality that God has called us to.

Dan explains the differences between the judicial (legal) and the emotional concepts of conviction and condemnation, and sets forth the biblical understanding of freedom, liberty, and character. When we improperly relate to our sin we move toward one of two extremes, having a seared conscience on the one hand (hardheartedness), or hopelessness (condemnation) on the other. When we are convicted of our wrongdoing without being condemned, we are able to grow past our mistakes both emotionally and spiritually, and live in the full light of God’s high calling.

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