Commit Yourself to God

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Commit Yourself to God

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

It has never been really too difficult to put a teaching together from the Bible that confronts a variety of sinful actions and attitudes. In this teaching, rather than confront sin, Dan Gallagher goes directly to the root of the sin problem and examines what it means to “commit our way to the Lord” (Psalm 37:4). Dan demonstrates that being committed to God is, in the Hebraic mindset, being “rolled up” with the Father, which is well illustrated by the way that the red and white parts of the candy cane are twisted together to become one. We become committed to God when our words and actions demonstrate obedience to Him. We must be honest about our sin, calling it truthfully what it is, then confessing it, repenting of it, and once again moving forward. In this teaching you will also see how increasing in our commitment to God happens when we obey the leadings of the gift of holy spirit in each of us as it nudges us to do His will. We believe you will enjoy the fresh perspectives that this teaching gives as you learn to “roll yourself up in God.”

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