Spirit & Truth Podcast
Children of the Light

Teacher: Dan Gallagher

While it is true that throughout God’s Word He uses the description of light and darkness to compare good and evil, the number of descriptions of God and light seem to also indicate that there is a far deeper reality at work. In this teaching Dan Gallagher provides a brief sense of the scientific properties of light, citing recent discoveries concerning light and DNA, the basic building block of all biological organisms; he then examines the many vivid descriptions of God and light as it manifests His glory; its presence when angels appear; references to Jesus being the light of the world, who was transfigured with light on the mount; and how Jesus now manifests light in his present glorified state.

We believe you will find this teaching to be inspiring and encouraging as it illuminates why Christians are called “children of the light” and how one day, when our bodies are transformed, we will live with God and Jesus in a place where there is no more need for the sun or moon because we will dwell with them, and they will be our complete source of light.

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