Can Anything Separate Us From the Love of God?

Spirit & Truth Podcast
Can Anything Separate Us From the Love of God?

Teacher: John Schoenheit

The Book of Romans has been called the “Magna Carta” of the Bible, proclaiming the rights and privileges of the believer. One of those privileges is eternal life, and in this teaching John Schoenheit explores what it means to be “more than a conqueror” in Christ. To do that, he sets forth the theme of Romans, which is the “Good News” about Jesus Christ, and then develops the scope of Romans, starting in Romans 1 and going chapter by chapter until chapter 8. He shows how Romans clearly portrays the way to salvation and eternal life, and that once a person is a born-again Christian, his or her everlasting future is never in doubt. We pray that this teaching will bring you great inspiration, clarity, and direction as you continue to grow in your relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

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