Spirit & Truth Podcast
Blessing One Another

Teachers: John Schoenheit

The Body of Christ is a family, and God calls us to elevate our fellow Christians through our actions, speech, and conduct. The New Testament gives many commands about how to relate to one another, but much of Christianity doesn’t realize that the phrase “one another” refers specifically to Christians. Scripture tells us that people will know we are followers of Christ through the love that we have for one another, and God calls us to act on that love in tangible ways.

In this teaching titled “Blessing One Another,” John Schoenheit offers a challenge to think of real and practical ways to help other Christians. Exploring many of the instances where “one another” is used in the New Testament, this teaching offers practical advice for how we can best support and uplift one another in genuine, palpable love on our journey to obey God and strengthen the Body of Christ.

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