Spirit & Truth Podcast
3 Weeks in Thessalonica

Teacher: David Hanson

The Bible is a wonderful book that is meant to be read, not just for memorization of facts and figures, but critically, in order to better understand the heart of God and what the Lord is trying to communicate through its pages. In this teaching entitled “3 Weeks in Thessalonica,” David Hanson takes a deeper look at Paul’s time in Thessalonica, exploring this account especially as it pertains to starting and growing a church. Through its three parts, addressing Paul’s time in Thessalonica, the things that Paul and the others did there, and what Paul did when he left, the purpose of this teaching is to look more deeply into church leaders and the body of saints in the church, and to show how the Thessalonian record encourages believers to build one another up, bless each other, and assist brothers and sisters in Christ in creating and growing a lasting work in the Lord. This is a wonderful way in which we can serve him and our fellow believers.

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