Employment Opportunities

Our Mission

At Spirit & Truth, we are all about becoming like Christ together. We are committed to leading the way in demonstrating how to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace among all in the body of Christ. We provide sound, biblically-based teaching, transformative learning experiences (methods), and support to self-organizing communities, to give all people throughout the world the opportunity to be saved and come into a knowledge of the truth, enter into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, their abba Father God, themselves, and their families, so that they are able to fulfill their functions and edify the body of Christ in love to the praise of God’s glory.

Team Norms

Our team operates by a set of individual and team norms. 

As individuals, we are committed to:

  • Be the first to act in love (1 John 4:7)​
  • Keep our word (1 John 2:5)​
  • Tell our truth in love (Eph 4:15)​
  • Listen to others first with empathy (1 Pet. 3:8)​
  • Own our mistakes and ask for forgiveness (Luke 17:3)​
  • Keep private things private (Prov. 5:2)

As a team, we are commited to:

  • Keep first things first (Rom. 12:2; Matt. 6:33)​
  • Decide, speak, & act as a team, team lead is empowered to make final call (1 Cor. 1:10)​
  • Resolve problems one-on-one (Matt. 18:19)​
  • Celebrate successes and learnings from failures (1 Cor. 12:26)​
  • Hold each other accountable to our words (Matt. 5:37)​
  • Consistently give feedback on how we are living the norms (Gal. 6:1-2)

Join the Team

We are so excited about everything God has in store for Spirit & Truth and the part this ministry gets to play in advancing the Gospel! One of the things we have been most blessed and thrilled about is how God continues to bring workers into the harvest to labor for His kingdom. 

Are you interested in joining the Spirit & Truth Team? We have a few open positions we are prayerfully looking to fill. If you are excited by our mission, norms, and culture and interested in serving the Lord alongside us, please check out the available positions below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Opportunities

If you have specific questions about any of our job opportunities or would like general information about employment at Spirit & Truth, please contact [email protected]

If you would like to be considered for any of the roles listed, click on the position titles below.


Manage Spirit and Truth’s leadership team bookkeeping to help fulfill the ministry’s mission and support people throughout the world in becoming like Christ together.


Lead Spirit & Truth’s online marketing, website & social media optimization to enable people throughout the world to become like Christ together.


Manage Spirit and Truth’s CRM to help fulfill the ministry’s mission and support people throughout the world in becoming like Christ together.