Death & Resurrection to Life

In this multi-part seminar on the state of the dead, John Schoenheit systematically sets forth what the Scriptures teach: that the dead are dead, and not alive in any form until they are raised from the dead by Jesus Christ. If you want to know about dead, heaven, resurrection and our promised hope, this audio seminar is for you.

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Session One: Introduction

Session Two: What Happens to the Body, the Soul, and the Spirit when a Person Dies?

Session Three: The Dead are in the Grave, not in Heaven or “Hell”

Session Four: The Dead will get up at the Rapture, or one of the Resurrections

Session Five: The Judgment Follows the Resurrection

Session Six: An Examination of Scriptures Commonly Used to Show the Dead are Alive

Session Seven: How the Pharisees came to Believe that the Soul Lived on after Death

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