What’s My Part Anyway? Consider helping write the script

Have you ever heard someone tell you that God has a plan for your life? Has anyone ever told you that God has a purpose for you? Much of my life I heard from people that God loved me and that He had a plan for me. Many of us have probably heard this before. Most of my life I had no trouble believing that what they said was true, I just didn’t have a clue what they meant.

Like me, maybe some of you can relate. Maybe you are not sure of your role in this great big “Master Plan” of God’s that everyone else seems to talk about. Most of us who have felt God’s touch feel a deep desire to learn about Him and to do His will in the Body of Christ.

Unfortunately, most of us are unsure of what this actually looks like in everyday life. We hear people talk about Christians being the Body of Christ, yet many times it seems like unless we are leading a fellowship or volunteering at a homeless shelter we don’t have a place in the Body of Christ.

Have you ever felt that if you don’t feel called to start or lead a fellowship or lead praise and worship that you don’t really have a place? I invite you on a journey of exploration with me to discover how God may be calling you to discover His plans for your life. I believe that the role that God is calling you into is more then just a seat warmer or a name on a list, but rather an invitation to be part of something bigger, to be part of a Spiritual Revolution.

The struggle to find our individual part to serve in the Body of Christ is a struggle that even many longtime, faithful followers deal with. What do I have to give? What part am I going to play, in this drama that is unfolding for God and His army? Is my part a dishwasher, a window washer, a teacher, a leader, or a singer? If you are like me, you have searched and patiently waited for God to speak to you about what to do with your life, waiting to be inspired and get excited about where you can shine. Ironically, for all of the waiting and asking of God to find my place, it never seems to get that much clearer.

This attitude is actually quite normal in our modern age of convenient stores and remote controls, where everything is easier and more convenient. As time goes on, we begin to take on the attitude to wait to do something until it is convenient, or until someone (i.e. Boss or pastor) tells us to. This attitude eventually plays into our view of godliness. We wait to go do for God until He moves us. However, Peter stepped out of the boat while the water was still rough. Most of us wait on God to move, ironically though, most of the time He is waiting on us.

Most of us are used to dealing with a boss telling us what to do or a pastor telling us what God wants best. Our culture, both in the Christian and secular world, promotes a culture of a hierarchy. We are told that we need some leader to tell us how to serve in the Body of Christ. A song comes to mind when I think of our Christian culture. It is called, “I’m in the Lord’s Army,” and the words are as follows:

I may never march in the infantry
Ride in the Calvary
Shoot the artillery
I may never fly o’er the enemy
But I’m in the Lord’s army! Yes Sir!

At first glance the words of this song seem noble, but a closer look reveals all the fun jobs have been taken. If you aren’t fighting, riding, shooting or dropping bombs, what are you doing? Washing tanks? Sweeping?

Too many people count themselves right out of the front lines from the start. What if God is calling you to the front? What if He wants you in Special Forces to capture prisoners? Would you go if He called you? Many Christians wait around for some “officer” to tell them to do something great, rather then stepping out on faith and serving the Body. A wise man once said, “Find a need and fill it.” Christ was the master at filling the need and he can help us do so in the Body of Christ.

Many of us are waiting for someone and something to show us our part. We are waiting for a sign or a word to encourage us to move where we feel called. I found though, that God has given us free will and a heart that can see needs. Acts 4 says, they came together and gave to everyone who had needs. I can assure you that there are just as many needs in the Body of Christ as there were back then. I believe that God does have a part for you to play, and it will be in a place that you are needed.

I want you to picture, if you would, a man in the middle of the street surrounded by hundreds of people. This man has a script in his hands and everyone is circled around him, waiting and screaming out to show them what their part is in this script. There are steadily more and more people all raising hands and screaming louder and louder to get this man to find their role in the script. The man frantically looks down at the script and flips through it to find out what each person’s role is. To his surprise, he finds that the script has only just been started and mostly consists of blank pages. He looks up at the crowd of people, now getting more impatient, and frantically checks his pockets to find something that may help him in his predicament. To his surprise he finds that his pockets are filled with pencils. He begins to take out these pencils and hand them to the crowd; he hands out hundreds of pencils in a matter of minutes. He looks down at the blank pages of the script and tells the people that there are no roles for them yet. They must write themselves into the script.

I believe that the same is true with us today. I have been around many people who would like a role in this script and believe in the cause of it. Let this be an invitation to write yourself into our script. Do you want to be infantry? Start a fellowship? Be a Prayer Warrior? Be a volunteer coordinator? Put on an area event? Lead praise and worship? What is God calling you to do? The sky is the limit.

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