What is the Manifestation of Working of Miracles?

The manifestation of working of miracles is your exercising your God-given spiritual ability to do miracles by the power of God, according to what God or the Lord Jesus has revealed to you by a message of knowledge or a message of wisdom.

The manifestation of working of miracles (1 Cor. 12:10-KJV) is very similar to the manifestation of gifts of healings, except that the power of God results in a miracle. Like the other manifestations listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10, it is a “manifestation” (something made visible or obvious) of holy spirit, so it is done only by those who have the gift of holy spirit. That, however, does not mean Christians are the only ones who can do miracles. God and the Lord Jesus can do them without people’s help, and so can witches and others who utilize demonic power, just as the magicians who opposed Moses (Exod. 7:11).

The word “working” is in the plural in the Greek text, and would more properly be translated “energizings.” When it comes to miracles, the plural should encourage us as to God’s intention. He does not desire to do one miracle a century. Miracles may not be an everyday occurrence in the life of any given person, but they should be happening frequently in the Church, including miracles of healing, i.e., instantaneous healing. God wants believers to rise up in their faith so as to bring forth many miracles. Miracles deliver people; they demonstrate the power, presence, and love of God; and they build people’s faith for more miracles.

Although a couple of different Greek words get translated as “miracle,” the word that should be, and often is, translated “miracle” is the Greek noun dunamis, which is properly “power.” A “miracle” is a “power,” that is, the power of God being applied and openly displayed. To do a healing or miracle, several manifestations come into play. First, the person needs revelation to know what the situation is and what to do about it. Second, he needs the manifestation of faith to bring to pass the miracle. Third, he must represent Christ on earth and, via the power of God, bring to pass the miracle as God supplies the energy for it.

While it is important to pray for miracles, when God or the Lord gives you the revelation to do a miracle, that is not the time to pray; it is the time to act and command the miracle by the power of God. In that sense, miracles happen like healings happen, when believers stand in faith and command them to occur based on the revelation they receive. We have good examples of how to do miracles from studying great men like Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, and of course Jesus. For example, when Moses did the miracles (plagues) in Egypt, he did not pray to God, “God please turn the water of the Nile River to blood.” No, God had already told him to do it, so he just did the miracle. When God gives us revelation to do something, that is not the time to pray about it, that is the time to do it. That is where too many Christians fail. They are comfortable with God doing miracles or healings, but they are not comfortable thinking they can do them with His power. We need to get comfortable utilizing the power of God.

It may help us to understand how miracles work if we think about how requests and commands are fulfilled in the flesh. If we ask someone to do something for us, but they do not, we are disappointed. We may even ask the person why he did not do it. That is exactly the situation with God. When He, or the Lord Jesus, give us revelation to do something, that is them asking us to do it, and we should get the job done. One time Moses forgot this lesson. The Israelites were trapped against the sea, with Pharaoh’s army bearing down on them. Moses tried to calm the people by saying they should stand still and see the salvation that God would work that day. Sounds okay, doesn’t it? Not to God. He said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me?” (Exod. 14:15). God reminded Moses to act (“…stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it…” (Exod. 14:16-NASB). Note that God told Moses to divide the sea. When Moses acted in faith upon what God had revealed to him, the sea divided; and it closed back when Moses closed it (Exod. 14:26 and 27).

Jesus Christ told us we would have power (Acts 1:8). Now it is up to us to believe that he was telling the truth, have faith in the One who gave us power, and learn to walk by the revelation God gives us so that we can bless His people. Let us listen carefully for revelation guidance, have faith that we can do anything God tells us to do, act boldly, including using the name of Jesus Christ with authority. Let us bring to pass the miracles and healings that God so desires for His people.

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  1. Am blessed by this article .The bibles says “my people perish due to lack of knowledge”.I didn’t know when to pray and when to command situations.But now I’ve learnt and will practice has the word of God says.Thank you.

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