What does the Bible say about Anal Sex?

The Bible doesn’t say anything specifically about anal sex. However, there are a lot of things that are not mentioned in the Bible that can still be navigated with the wisdom provided in its pages—including the wisdom and principles about God’s purpose and design when He created mankind.

First, it must be recognized that the Bible defines the context of proper sexual intimacy as taking place between one man and one woman who are married to each other (1 Cor. 7:2). Next, we need to understand that God not only created all things, He also ordered His creation. For example, He made vegetation and fruit trees for food in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:9 says it was “good for food.” In fact all that God created was “very good” (Gen. 1:31). Another verse says that “Food is meant for the stomach and the stomach for food” (1 Cor. 6:13 ESV), validating that God had specific intentions for the functions of the things He created. Applying this truth to anal sex, we could say that the anus was not made for sex and sex was not made for the anus.

Wisdom would tell us that, from an anatomical stand point, anal sex is risky behavior because:

  1. It’s conducive for the exchange of harmful bacteria which can and has caused health issues with both immediate and long-term effects.
  2. The anus doesn’t have the protective muscle tissue that the vagina has and is susceptible to tearing and spreading infection.
  3. The anus doesn’t have the natural lubricant that the vagina has, also causing tearing which can lead to injury and disease.

There are many other reasons why anal sex is dangerous, and it’s important that we use wisdom in avoiding that danger. The Bible says that “The starting point of Wisdom is this: get Wisdom, and with all your purchases, purchase understanding” (Prov. 4:7). When we apply godly wisdom regarding the intimacy of sexual intercourse, it will be a blessing and not a danger.

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  1. Short, and to the point. Simplicity that helps a believer navigate his way through the jungle of worldly overdesires of the flesh.

  2. Simply and beautifully explained!………so much wisdom in just one little verse…..1Cor 6:13…

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