Trusting His Words – Of Decaf and Delight

The words of Yahweh are pure words,
like silver refined in a clay furnace,
purified seven times.

How amazing would it be if we could just trust what people say? As children, most of us go through a stage of gullibility where we do precisely that, never questioning how Santa makes it to every house in the world in one night or how the Tooth Fairy keeps tracks of our wiggly pearly whites. But at some point, we’re introduced to the concept of untrustworthy words and impure statements. Coarse, crass speech and cutting insults, broken promises and worthless vows all leave us jaded. Experience teaches us to question the words and intentions of those around us.

Once we become aware of impure words, there’s no going back. A portion of our innocent trust can never be restored.

Growing up, I was profoundly aware of the pain of empty promises and bitter words. Especially in my teen years, it sometimes felt like that was all I could expect from anyone. I wish back in those desperately vulnerable times, I’d known what I know now: there is One whose words are utterly pure. One who keeps His oaths no matter what. One who is proven honest and righteous and great.

The psalmist tells us the words of Yahweh are pure like “refined silver”. In the refining process, imperfections, or “dross”, are heated out of a substance leaving it in its most valuable, purest form. In the same way, there is no blemish, no flaw, no “dross” at all in the words of Yahweh; we can see them as they are without a shadow of doubt in their validity, beauty, and purity.

Not only are they that pure, but they’re made that way seven times over. In biblical numerology, seven stands for completeness, wholeness, perfection. Thus these words of Yahweh are shown as completely, wholly, perfectly pure

Wow! If we can’t trust that, what can we trust? Yahweh’s words are pure and perfect. They are promises we can rely on. There is no reason to doubt Him, to expect impurity, insult, or brokenness to invade. God has given us His wonderful vow in His unblemished words—and we can trust those words. We can trust Him

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  1. I have been super blessed by these articles! Thanks so very much!! ❤️

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