There are many variations of Dispensationalism. Does this weaken the position?

Although dispensational thought is splintered into several competing branches of interpretation, that does not mean that it has inherent weaknesses that need to be explained. If so, then Judaism, the Christian Church itself and particularly Reformation Christianity would also necessarily have “inherent weaknesses” because they too are “splintered.”

It seems to us that the presence of diversity of opinion is the natural state of fallen man struggling to understand eternal verities “through a glass darkly.” It is also a result of free people pursuing truth from a variety of cultural, intellectual and religious backgrounds that indelibly color their perspective. We ought not to discredit any proposition on the basis of who believes it, how many variations of belief there are or how long something has been believed. All of these are logically irrelevant to the issue of whether truth or error is being propounded, and in what proportion. The only standard we have for determining truth is what harmonizes with all biblical evidence as it is handled honestly and logically.

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