The Revolution against Evolution

The movie, Expelled, highlights what staunch advocates of Darwinian Evolution are trying to keep in the dark. Their ranks are steadily thinning as more and more genuine “scientists,” that is, those who require empirical evidence for their conclusions, are waking up to, and abandoning the idea of the “Big Bang” theory, a curious hypothesis proposing that quintillions of years ago life was inexplicably produced by an explosion of all inert matter. The original whatever-it-was has now evolved into the countless number of mind-boggling physiological characteristics of a human being, as well as innumerable creatures such as the one-ounce hummingbird. This amazing creature has an up-to-1200-beats-per-minute heart rate, can fly backward, and travels 2000 miles back and forth from its same USA home each year.

Starring Ben Stein, the conservative, Jewish actor, comedian, and political pundit, the film is a trenchant expose of the hypocrisy and dishonesty in much of academia today. It reveals to what lengths academic hierarchies will go to shut down honest debate about the origin of life. I was going to write a review of Expelled, which I saw twice in its first four days, but I found an absolutely fabulous review by Mary Ann Kreitzer, which is a must read. A link to it is provided at the end of this article.

This movie reminds us that Evolution should be more accurately referred to as a “religion” and not science. Darwinian “theory” is nothing more than an hypothesis, which is not scientifically proven, as some would have us believe. In fact, Darwinian evolution violates many proven laws of science, such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which, in grossly simplistic terms, means that, over time, things tend to fall apart rather than assemble themselves.

Expelled brings to light the chicanery and coercion employed to suppress rational discussion of the issues. Those who continue to rabidly promote evolutionary theory do so at the risk of maintaining their increasingly shaky academic prestige. We must rightly question their antipathy toward the very idea that the universe was designed by an intelligent designer. And the thought of anyone calling that designer “God” is even more apoplectic to them. One must wonder what is generating such fanatical opposition to the idea of a Creator.

The belief that all life originated from inorganic material is one tenet of the “religion” of atheism, and as Kreitzer points out, its advocates like renowned atheist Richard Dawkins propound it with religious fervor. For those who hold a biblical worldview, it is simply another manifestation of the spiritual war between God and Satan, as the latter attacks the very idea that there is a God.

Say, what time is it? When you just looked at your watch to answer that question, did you marvel at how it has evolved from a bracelet?! Probably not. You realize that someone designed it, and as you look around at the things in your home, the same holds true, doesn’t it? Furthermore, many of the items in your possession came with a page, or a book, of instructions. Who wrote the instruction manual that came with your computer? Clearly, it is the designer of the computer.

Well, what about life, and in particular, mankind? Life comes with a Book of instructions, authored by our Creator. Those who adhere to its truths get the most out of life, while those who reject it at best miss out on what they could have, and at worst wreck their lives.

If you want to know the truth concerning Evolution and the “scientists” who promote it, then Expelled is a must see.

Mary Ann Kreitzer Review

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  1. written above…

    but I found an absolutely fabulous review by Mary Ann Kreitzer, which is a must read. A link to it is provided at the end of this article.

    Where is the link?

  2. I’m very sympathetic to your views here, but there are two scientific issues with your post. The first is saying that the Big Bang includes evolution, whereas, strictly speaking, it doesn’t. The second is that the theory of evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The problem here is that the Earth is not a closed system – the Second Law applies only to closed systems. The sun, in particular, delivers a gigantic amount of low-entropy energy constantly. I think there are plenty of great arguments against evolution, but the Second Law is not one of them.

    1. Great points Adrian. they you for pointing out the mistakes.

  3. About the remarks about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and the supposed appearance of life from inorganic material, why do we limit the test tube to the earth? Supposedly, the whole universe spit out one living cell that grew and survived and multiplied and evolved, and the universe is a closed system. How does that not violate that law?

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