The Power of the Unseen

Unseen by the human eye, visible only with the aid of a high-powered electron microscope, the coronavirus has brought everyday life across much of the world to a halt.  Here in the United States, the ‘unseen’ has struck fear in the hearts and minds of millions of citizens jeopardizing the robustness of the greatest economy in world history.  Why do we so believe in and fear the power of what is unseen? Only because we see the manifestations of what it is capable of doing. For a relatively small, but highly vulnerable sector of the population, severe illness and death can result from being infected with this unseen virus.

Please consider this: God is unseen, and His gift of holy spirit to believers is not visible to the human eye, either.  Yet the manifestations of holy spirit are living proof of the presence of that spirit alive within the Christian.  Others are able to see and hear when the believer speaks in tongues, interprets, and prophecies.  And yet, despite the clear manifestation of the unseen source of power that must lie within, others still choose not to believe. What’s more, the God behind the gift of holy spirit, although unseen, has infinitely more power than the microscopic virus which has brought the world to its knees.

Perhaps this would be an opportune time to share with our skeptical family members and friends, coworkers, and neighbors that the spiritual world is tremendously more ‘real’ than the physical, that the unseen is to be recognized for what it is, and, so too, the power it holds to alter lives and change the course of history. 

Fear is a powerful emotion and driving force.  In times of crisis, most people withdraw, focus inward, and consider, ‘what must I do to protect myself and my family’.  Decisions are made, steps taken, money spent, time invested in order to preserve what is of most importance to individuals and their loved ones.  That is totally understandable. However, by extension, shouldn’t the same care and consideration be given to the eternal ramifications behind our preparedness, or lack thereof, for eternity, rather than a temporary crisis here during our brief time on earth?

The unseen God, the Creator of the universe, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is real, and the truth He has communicated to us in Christ and via the written Word is true spiritual reality…what has been, what is, and what is to come.  As nations and billions of people have reacted in awe to a small unseen virus, how much more fear and awe should be demonstrated toward the God who holds our eternal destiny in His hands? 

For the believer, it is such great comfort to know that the manifestation of holy spirit is the proof of our redemption and eternal destiny.  We are in awe of the loving Creator who has made our reconciliation and salvation a reality.  The days and weeks ahead, as challenging as they may prove to be for all in our country, might also be an opportune time to share with others the eternal ramifications of responding in awe to the One who so loved that He gave His only begotten Son so that we may live eternally.  

We pray this is the case.  May God bless us in the days and weeks ahead with His grace, mercy and peace, and also open the doors for us to take advantage of the opportunity to share the hope that lives within us.

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