The Creation – Evolution Controversy – Free Online Bible Study Seminar

A 6-hour seminar that exposes the fallacious Theory of Evolution for what it is – a religion, and not a science.

The bottom line of the frontal assault on the integrity of God’s Word is Satan’s original lie: “You shall be as gods.”

This seminar defines the classical Darwinian Theory of Evolution and shows that it is absolutely unscientific from every angle, being totally contradicted by mathematics, genetics, thermo-dynamics, anthropology, geology, biology, zoology and the fossil record. It shows how the Theory of Evolution provides the rationale for such racism as evidenced by Hitler and how it has been a retardant to true scientific progress, especially in the medical field.

This presentation shows what the Word of God says (and does not say) about the subject, thus giving one a clear biblical alternative to a godless lie. It includes an exposition of what is known as “the gap” between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

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Disc 1: Introduction, The two-model system

Disc 2: Mathematical “evidence”, Evolution is a cruel process

Disc 3: The geologic column, Fossils

Disc 4: Darwin rejected God, Creation of the universe

Disc 5: Creation of the universe continued

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