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Today, perhaps as never before in Christian history, people are talking and writing about the “end times” and “the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.”

Because the book of Revelation is “the last chapter” in God’s Word, it is central in all such dialogue. But, as with each “book” in the Word of God, the first question to be answered, as per 1 Corinthians 10:32, must be: “Is this written to Jews, to Gentiles, or to the Christian Church?” Properly understanding the Administrations (Dispensations) in Scripture is prerequisite to deriving from it the Author’s originally intended meaning. Without that understanding, a study of the book of Revelation will at best be confusing, and at worst lead to emotional distress and/or a diminished quality of life.

The spectrum of speculation about the book of Revelation runs the gamut from A to Z. Depending upon who you listen to, the Church will be caught up to meet the Lord (“raptured”) either before, during, or after the Great Tribulation, or will stay in the world and prevail, apparently to make the place safe for Jesus to return. Understanding how, if at all, the Church is a part of the events set forth in the book of Revelation is certainly relevant to our attitude as Christians today, which in large part determines the quality of our service for the Lord, and thus our rewards at his appearing. Are Christians to live looking for signs preceding Christ’s coming? Or are we to live with a daily expectancy of his imminent appearing, serving him as if each day might be our last?

In our 9 hour seminar on the book of Revelation, we will show you that this conclusion to God’s wonderful Word, the complement to the book of Genesis, is not written either to or about the Christian Church. Rather, it regards the nation of Israel, particularly during the Tribulation, the time between the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of Christ to the earth to save Israel. The language in Revelation is specific to the Old Testament and to Israel, and does not correlate to that of the Church Epistles. Christians will meet the Lord Jesus in the air prior to the events recorded in Revelation, and that is a major aspect of our true Hope. Understanding the book of Revelation will give Christians both a sense of urgency and a sense of peace. Our urgency is that everyone get saved and avoid the rush of evil across the world during the Tribulation.

Our peace is that we can work heartily unto the Lord now, knowing from reading the last chapter that we win! We believe that you will appreciate the perspective with which this challenging subject is approached, and we hope that you will find this presentation an accurate representation of God’s heart as it is revealed in His Word.

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Session One: Overview of Millennial positions, Overview of Rapture positions, Reasons to believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture

Session Two: More Reasons to believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture

Session Three: Chronological Overview, The Old Testament Character of the Book of Revelation, Revelation 1:3-4, Revelation 2:1,8,12,18; 3:1,7,14

Session Four: More evidence that Revelation is specifically referring to Israel in the future, Explanation of “The Lord’s Day”

Session Five: Revelation 5:6-14, Matthew 24:3-9, Revelation 6:1-17, Revelation 7:1-8

Session Six: Revelation 7:9-17, Revelation 8:1-13, Revelation 9:1-21, Revelation 10:1-4

Session Seven: Revelation 10:5-11, Revelation 11:1-2, Revelation 12:4-6, 14; 13:5, Revelation 11:3-14

Session Eight: Revelation 11:15-19, Revelation 12:1-17, Revelation 13:1-18, Revelation 14:1-14, Revelation 15:1-8, Revelation 16:1-11

Session Nine: Revelation 16:17-21, Revelation 17:1-18, Revelation 18:1-24, Revelation 19:1-10, Revelation 19:11-14

Session Ten: Revelation 19:15-21, Revelation 20:1-6

Session Eleven: Zechariah 14:14-21, Ezekiel 40:42, Isaiah 65:17-25, Ezekiel 43:4,5,13ff; 44:10-16, Ezekiel 45-48, Ezekiel 47:13,14; 48:1-27; 47:1-12, Characteristics of the Millennial Kingdom, Revelation 20:7-10

Session Twelve: Revelation 20:10-15

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We hope you have enjoyed this free online seminar.

God bless you!

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