Since the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah, didn’t they forfeit their right to enter into the New Covenant with God?

Doesn’t that mean that the Church is the true heir of this covenant?

Like the Abrahamic covenant and other covenants God made with Israel, the New Covenant was not conditional upon Israel’s obedience or acceptance of their Messiah. It was an unconditional promise given to Israel because God is gracious. As Romans 15:8 indicates, God will keep His promises that He made to the patriarchs of Israel because He is pleased to do so and He is a God of His Word. The Church is made a joint heir with Israel of at least the Abra­hamic and the New Covenants, but does not replace Israel and take over her destiny. The Church is a surprise addition to the prophesied program of salvation promised to Israel, and is both included in the blessings to Israel and given blessings of her own. In regard to Israel and the Church, God treats the situa­tion as “both / and” rather than “either / or,” at least in the long-term sense.

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  1. How can the Sacred Secret Dispensation partake in the blessings of Israel without the curses? The blessings and curses were part of the Mosaic law, and the promises given in the last books of the OT have not yet been fulfilled. There are new promises for this age. And we will be joint heirs in the fulfillment of the unfulfilled promises given to Israel.

    1. There are many blessings in the New Covenant that may be similar to, but separate from the blessings of Israel. In this time we enjoy only some of the promised New Covenant blessings, the one’s God has released to his sons for now, but in the future the fullness of the New Covenant blessings will be received.

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