Sharing Your Faith: Embracing Patience & Process

Two keys that will help you share God’s love

Sharing your faith with someone can seem daunting, and sometimes overwhelming, as it is often hard to know what to say. I run into people all the time that either think they don’t know enough Bible to share their faith with people or think that they aren’t any good at it and so don’t do it.

I believe that there are two keys to remember when witnessing that can make a big difference in both how you view and how often you see people come to Jesus. I have discussed with many people their ideas and concerns when it comes to “witnessing,” or, more basically, spreading the Gospel message to the unsaved. I have found two keys to remember when we are sharing our faith with others, and I believe that if you take these to heart you will see God work in you and around you to change and soften hearts for His kingdom.

The first key is patience. Don’t be in a rush to convert someone by telling him all you know. Know that God can work with people where they are. The change agent is not your ability to wittingly share the Word. No, it is God’s work in the other person that is the catalyst for change. Understanding that, takes some of the pressure off you, and especially off your relationship with the other person. You are a fellow worker with God, but it is He who is “wooing” them. I have found that rather than trying to tell people what they should believe or do, one of the best ways to get someone to open his heart to God is to show an interest in them and love them unwaveringly. Sometimes that takes time.

The second, and most important key is to recognize that sharing your faith is a process. Too often we try to do it all at once. Allow yourself to be with someone and really listen to them. What is the Spirit whispering they need? At first, you might just pray or just love without giving advice. Sometimes we think that it is not witnessing unless we lay out the way to salvation or bring them to a point of decision about the Lord, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Greek word for witnessing simply means to testify or speak of his love. Many times we can do that just by loving people as they are. Even without approving of their actions, you can love people right as they are, and you might be surprised at what can happen. I like to describe it this way: “In the sea of life, people will not get on your ship unless they know you cared enough to pull up to their island for a while.” Give people time to grow toward God. Deliverance and redemption are a work, and like any work of any value, it can take time.

I pray that this small article will encourage you as you seek to live the truth in love for people. Try loving the lost like nobody has before, fighting for them and the dreams God has for them. Remember that one’s journey to the point of salvation and deliverance is a process. Although it’s possible, it doesn’t always happen in a flash. Have patience with people as the Lord works with them. God is good, and He has called us to bring people to Him and His goodness. That is the heart of our heavenly Father. I leave you with this verse:

2 Corinthians 5:18
All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.

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  1. Very well put. I’ve seen witnessing in many forms…some handled very well others down right scary. I hope mine lands somewhere in between.
    Thanks for your lesson. It was helpful.

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