Secure in Yahweh – Of Decaf and Delight

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses,
but we remember the name of Yahweh our God.

Before you read any further, I want you to take a second to think of something in your life that makes you feel strong and brave. It could be a spouse, a friendship, where you live, what you do for a living, etc.

For me, oddly enough, it’s not a thing but a concept: routine. Years of battling anxiety made me quite the control freak in my twenties, and I only truly felt capable of strength or bravery within the confines of my routine. Find me inside my carefully-laid plans for my life from sunup to sundown, my five-year vision and the predictable days that made it up, and I could give great advice and sound really wise! But if you kept me out past my bedtime…hooo, child, watch out. I turned into a panicky mess. 

2020 was of course the year that shook things up – in more ways than one. Not only did the concept of routine fall apart thanks to lockdowns and quarantines, friends moving away and buildings selling, but throw an unexpected pregnancy into the mix and I was left with one thing and one thing only that I felt I could trust and rely on anymore: Yahweh, my God. He alone was steady, uncompromising, faithful and firm through it all. And His great light and guiding hand revealed the idols I was making of the routine that made me feel safe and strong and brave.

Now, back to you, my friend. What makes you feel strong and brave, secure, like you can handle anything life throws your way? I want you to really picture that thing in your head, and then I want you to fully understand this: as wonderful as that thing is, as much of a sense of security as it brings you, it is still nothing compared to the power in the name of Yahweh. Think of what we’ve seen in the Psalms in this series so far; think of the passion with which God protects and delivers His own. And we are His! We need only turn to Him, trust in Him, rely on Him rather than on the things that give us a sense of temporal security.

Remember, no army of chariots or horses ever lasted forever, no matter how much trust the people put in them. Everything we put our trust in besides God is a fleeting, tenuous thing that will not endure eternally in this fallen world. So let’s be certain we’re remembering the name of Yahweh, our God, above all else; that we’re trusting in Him.

He alone delivers, protects, and truly helps; He alone is our shield and provision. And only in Him can we truly have a reason to be strong and brave. 

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