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What does the Bible actually say about the Doctrine of the Trinity a Triune (three in one) Godhead?

Hello there, Fellow Truth-seeker,

We are glad you are looking for information, clarification, or enlightenment in regard to “the Trinity (a Triune, three-in-one, Godhead)” and related issues, and we welcome you to our research website. We’re very glad you found us, because we know what has happened for thousands of other dear folks who have taken the time to dig into our work.

First of all, please feel free not to believe everything you find here. We have no axe to grind, nor are we interested in trying to control your life or make you live up to any standard we impose upon you. We love God, our heavenly Father, we love the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, we love the truth, and we love God’s people. Our responsibility is to set forth the Word of God as we see it, and God’s responsibility is to give the increase in the hearts of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

We certainly recognize how important, how volatile, and how potentially polarizing is the subject of the Trinity. In fact, though it is sad to say, throughout Church history from about 400 AD to about 1800 AD, countless people were put to death for refusing to believe in the idea of “one God in three persons.” We believe that the reason that thousands of Christian people throughout the ages have stood against the Trinity, even with the threat of death, is that it is not in fact a biblical doctrine, but a man-made one.

We believe that the Word of God presents God as the “only true God” and Jesus Christ as the Son of God, our Savior.

We want to believe whatever the Word of God says, and we hope that what you find herein is representative of that.

The orthodox definition of the Trinity is said to be:

“A three-fold personality existing in one divine being or substance; the union in one God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three infinite, co-equal, co-eternal persons; one God in three persons.”

The questions to ask are “What does the Bible say?” And is that definition found in the Bible?

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