Remembering Your Refuge – Of Decaf and Delight

You evildoers frustrate the plan of the afflicted person
but Yahweh is his refuge.

There is no shortage of frustration to be found in this life! One of the most frustrating things of all is when you do everything in your power to ensure a good or righteous outcome from your endeavors, only to have someone with less-than-favorable intentions swoop in and interfere, changing the well-plotted course of your bast laid plans. The sense of indignation, despair, anger, hopelessness—and, yes, frustration!—that comes from such  injustice can be enough to make us want to give up striving entirely. 

Imagine a person who saves every penny religiously to pay their way out of debt…only for a thief to steal their money. Or someone who toils day and night over research that will finally launch their career, only to have a colleague steal that hard work and pass it off as their own. A single mother working to provide gifts for her children, only for her house to be robbed; a recovering addict whose so-called “friends” relentlessly break the boundaries of their new life; the examples could go on and on.

Maybe you’ve been one of these people. Where can you turn when you’re facing that affliction? What do you do when your plans are frustrated and it seems evildoers encompass you from all sides? 

The best thing you can do is what the psalmist says: remember Yahweh is your refuge. 

Unfortunately, even the most well-intentioned, carefully-laid-out walk of life will never be entirely without its struggles and frustrations. Enemies will arise, bringing their share of frustrations; in fact, often the better you’re doing and the more diligent your walk, the worse the opposition you’ll face! But I want to encourage you not to wallow in that frustration. Don’t get caught up in the endless cycle of bemoaning to yourself and others what’s unfair. 

Take your cares before Yahweh, the only One who can bring true justice. Seek refuge in Him. No one, nowhere, and nothing else can provide the level of comfort, the hope for justice, the return to calm or the forward vision that we find in taking refuge and seeking solace in our Maker’s arms. Though we may not see justice done against evildoers in this life, in the shelter of God’s embrace we can heal and find ways to move forward regardless.

And that, truly, is what we must do; no matter the outcome, we have to find a way to step forward and keep living, seeking, and striving for Him. He will show us how to do it; but first, through the words of the psalmist here, Yahweh invites us to take refuge in him. To rest and recover and find our way back from those thwarted plans. Only then will we truly heal and be able to move forward, making new plans and regaining our vision and hope.

All of this we find when we start in the refuge of our Heavenly Father’s loving arms. 

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