Prophecy: Understanding and Utilizing the Manifestation of Prophecy

Hearing from God. What could be more exciting and important than that? Prophecy is getting a message from God and then delivering that message. This practical book covers many aspects of prophecy, including:

  • What is prophecy?
  • Why does God give prophetic messages?
  • Is prophecy always about the future?
  • Why does some prophecy, like that of Jonah, not come to pass?
  • Can we do anything to help prophecy come to pass?

This book also shows from Scripture that Christians can prophesy, and gives practical keys that can and should be used when giving a prophecy. It also gives practical advice for those who are receiving prophecy.

Five appendices cover valuable aspects of prophecy, including the gift ministry of a prophet, false prophets and false prophecies, dreams, how revelation is received, and a list of many prophecies in the Bible.

Table of Contents


Some Basics About Prophecy

The Conditional Nature of Prophecy

Who Actually Does the Work?

The Christian and the Manifestation of Prophecy

Things to Consider When Receiving a Prophecy

Things to Know When Giving a Prophecy


The Gift Ministry of a Prophet

False Prophets and False Prophecies


Revelation: What It Is and How It Is Received

Examples of Prophecy in the Bible

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