New Life in Christ: Foundations for Powerful Christian Living

Each of the 24 sessions is just under 39 minutes. A 61 page comprehensive syllabus is included in the cost.

We are excited to announce that we have a new class to introduce people to the foundations of biblical study and Christian living.

This class covers all the topics necessary to give a beginning student the tools needed to understand and apply biblical truth in everyday life. The class is a family collaboration of John Schoenheit and his sister, Sue Carlson. The blend of their two voices, manners, and teaching styles is an extremely logical and winning presentation that you can give to your friends and acquaintances who want to know why you are so jazzed about life and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We certainly encourage you to run the class as a group whenever possible, deciding on a schedule that works for you. The syllabus pages for each session contain reflection questions that would be good for group discussion, and students could help each other master the material. Questions are encouraged at the end of each session to make sure the students are on track.

Click on any of the hyper links (in blue) below to listen to the teaching free of charge, or right click the hyper link and select Save Link As to download them to your computer.

Or if you prefer, click the following links to download the entire seminar with the syllabus (large downloads, approx. 500mb).

Click here to download the zip file (part 1)

Click here to download the zip file (part 2)

To view the PDF syllabus that comes with this audio class, click here.

Session 1. New Life In Christ

Session 2. “Take My Word for It” – God

Session 3. “Take My Word for It” – God (continued)

Session 4. The Text We Have Is Reliable

Session 5. The Workman and the Perfect Word

Session 6. Uncovering the Perfect Word

Session 7. Uncovering the Perfect Word (continued)

Session 8. The Fall

Session 9. Who Is In Control?

Session 10. Where Are the Dead?

Session 11. Salvation and the Savior

Session 12. Salvation By Faith

Session 13. The Christian Church

Session 14. The New Birth

Session 15. The Gift of Holy Spirit

Session 16. The Manifestations of Holy Spirit

Session 17. Speaking In Tongues

Session 18. Hope – the Anchor of the Soul

Session 19. Hope – Jobs and Judgments

Session 20. Sonship – Blessings and Responsibilities

Session 21. Developing the Character of Christ

Session 22. The Power of Prayer

Session 23. Giving, Witnessing, and Fellowship

Session 24. Praise and Worship

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We hope you have enjoyed this free online class.

God bless you!

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