Must one speak in tongues to be saved?

From pastorchris29: Have you read Romans 10:9-13? Where in the Bible does it say that one must speak in tongues or you will not have eternal life?

Response: The Bible does not say “you must speak in tongues or you will not have eternal life.” Speaking in tongues is not a requirement for salvation.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14:5 – “I would like every one of you to speak in tongues…” (NASB – “wish”).

The greek word is “Thelo” which means “to desire, want, wish, love, etc.” – that everyone of you would speak in tongues (other languages). Romans 10:9 says:

Romans 10:9
That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

If you confess Jesus as your Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you are saved. Nothing you say, do, or accomplish is going to make your salvation any more complete.

We cannot do anything to earn our salvation. We were bought with a price, and we must put faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ.

In our article, “What is Speaking in Tongues and why does God say to do it?” we said…

“Speaking in tongues is the only absolute proof a Christian has that he is born again.”

All Christians can speak in tongues (via the gift of God’s holy spirit), whether or not you choose to act out on it is your choice. Paul was convinced that you would benefit from it and so are we.

Give it a shot!

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  1. Acts 2:38 and John 3:1-3:16 explains more in detail about speaking in tongues. Something to read, im an apostolic pentecostal Christian

    1. Hi, I am Paul and I joined a Pentecostal church on June 12 of this year. And on June 16 2019 I was baptized in the name of Jesus. However, I didn’t get the Holy Ghost and I saw in the bible that one must have the Holy Ghost to go to heaven. I asked my pastor if I still had salvation, even thou I dont have the HG. He said ” God knows you heart”. Still, he did not tell me if I have salvation. I have been praying to God, asking for the Holy Ghost but I still dont have it. So does this mean I wont go to heaven when Christ returns or if I die and how do I get the Holy Ghost. ? Please let me know , Thank You.

  2. I love this. Once a person SIT they can’t refuse its not good for them.

  3. I went to a church that insisted in speaking in tongues or u might not be saved. Don’t fall for this it’s a gift , not everyone shares it

  4. This is a lie told by the Apostolic church what Jesus did on the cross and his blood paid the price and did the work before the Holy ghost fell Acts 2:4 Jesus had already did the on work cross. Stop lying u look like fools

  5. You do not have to speak in tongues to go to heaven that is a lie 1st Corinthians 14 tells you that and Romans 10:9 tells you that

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