Leaning on our Maker – Of Decaf and Delight

I say to Yahweh, “You are my Lord.
My welfare surely rests upon you.”

How often do we go through life secretly wishing for a jackpot lottery, a genie in a bottle, a magic pill that will take our problems away?

This was something that became obvious to me as 2020 ground to a close. So many people I talked to framed their 2021 plans around the idea of “Once there’s a COVID-19 vaccine and everything goes back to normal…” 

I found myself pondering this a lot. How ingrained must it be in our human psyche to expect that there will be a one-size-fits-all solution to our problems? How often do we go looking for the formula that will ensure our safety, our peace, our welfare? And how long does it take us to realize that nothing—no monetary windfall, no fortune or wish, no pill, person, government, etc.—will ever truly guarantee our welfare?

Deep in the human heart is the innate desire to live in safety, harmony, and peace. This was what we were built for, in the image of our Maker. So we instinctively know that this chaotic, tumultuous, unexpected life is a lacking one, and frequently we seek a false sense of security in manmade provisions. We can easily get sucked into the guarantees of other fallible humans with sin nature, thinking they or their creations will provide a utopia that allows us to live without fear of tomorrow.

But the psalmist has it so right: Yahweh is Lord. Our welfare rests in Him.

There is no other protection surer than that. There are no other hands in which our lives are truly safe. No matter who or what we trust in this life, eventually an end will come for us—it always does!—and beyond that, we see the value of the hope we have in God’s promises and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus. Because our eternal welfare, too, rests in God—in believing His Son died and rose again, and embracing the gift of everlasting life that comes from making Jesus Lord in our lives. 

Are you concerned for your welfare? Then friend, lean into God. He is the One who can truly protect and preserve, who can guarantee a future in the age to come. He alone is pure in purpose and motive, holding your best interest at heart without ulterior motives. Only in His presence is there true fullness of joy—as the psalmist goes on to say, He will not abandon our souls to the grave! Instead He carries our eternal welfare in his safe and loving hands. When we put our trust in Him, our hope is guaranteed.  

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