Is There Death After Life?

This 112-page book gives biblical answers to the following questions: What is death? Is death a “graduation”? Is death a friend or foe? What is the “soul”? Where are the dead? Why does God use the metaphor of “sleep” to describe death? When will the dead awaken?

After laying the groundwork by answering these questions, the book deals with 14 sections of Scripture commonly used to “prove” that the “dead” are “alive.” With numerous references to other Christian books and magazines, the authors show how Greek philosophers shaped the current “evangelical” doctrine of the immortality of the soul, and they briefly point out how and why the Reformation failed to reform this pagan belief which is now even more firmly entrenched in Christendom.

Table of Contents:




Chapter One: Consequences of Believing Satan’s Lie

Chapter Two: What Is The “Soul”?

Chapter Three: What Is Death?

Chapter Four: Where Are the Dead?

Chapter Five: In What State of Being Are the Dead?

Chapter Six: When Will the State of “Sleep” End?

Chapter Seven: Difficult Scriptures Explained


Scripture Index


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