Is some criticism of Dispensationalism well founded?

No system of biblical interpretation leaves every question answered and every detail accounted for. But the problems that Dispensationalism attempts to solve are among the most challenging and difficult areas of biblical scholarship, and people of sincerity and intelligence differ on how they view the evidence. Indeed, many opinions exist on all sides of this subject with equally scholarly supporters. However, a major problem we have with critiques of Dispensationalism is that in our experience they tend to either misrepresent its positions or blur the distinctions between the variations of dispensational thought. In the language of logic, this is called “creating a straw man,” which is then much easier to “blow away.”

As an aside, we find that much of the value of dialogue is to discover whether the views of competing theologies are being misrepresented. Dialogue often diminishes disagreements as people discover that some of their differences were only apparent and not substantive.

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